Private Instruction

Whether you are a beginner or avid golfer, our staff will customize your individual program to maximize your golf experience. Our Hank Haney Certified Instructional Staff will take your game to a new level!

We are fully equipped to help you in all parts of the game including club fitting, full swing, putting, chipping, pitching, sand game, on course strategy and formulating a game plan for you to reach your specific golfing goals.

Hank guarantees your successful golf experience will include access to the following resources:

Hank Haney Certified Instructors – We offer an extensive range of golf instruction, all based on the practical, technical experience and formal training of the swing plane mechanics taught through the Hank Haney Certified method. Regardless of which level you select, each teacher is fully equipped to help you improve your game and move to the next level.

Director Instructor $250 per hour

15+ years of experience training and teaching the Hank Haney method
Achieved highest level of teaching certification with Hank Haney
Recognized teaching excellence locally, nationally and/or internationally
Exceptional ability to diagnose and correct swing mistakes
Proven history of developing players of all levels

Master Instructor $175 per hour

10+ years of experience training and teaching the Hank Haney method
Acclaimed ability to diagnose and correct swing mistakes
Recognized for teaching excellence locally or nationally.

Senior Instructor $125 per hour

6-9 years of experience training and teaching the Hank Haney method
Site leaders of individual and group instruction

Head Instructor $100 per hour

3 to 5 years certified training and teaching the Hank Haney Method

Instructor $75 per hour

1 to 3 years certified training and teaching the Hank Haney Method

Beginner Series I $199

  • 4:1 student/instructor ratio
  • 5  – 90 minute classes for 5 consecutive weeks (60 minutes for 2 students)
  • Minimum of 2 students per class

Beginner Series II $199

  • 4:1 student/instructor ratio
  • 4 – 90 minute classes for 4 consecutive weeks
  • Minimum of 2 students per class

Lesson Packages

6 and 10 hour packages are available for Staff instructor to Master instructor. Call for details



Access to the Technical Resources for your game improvement-
Our facilities have the most sophisticated equipment to assist in developing your game plan. Full Swing video analysis is captured by the high resolution Online skills coach System Software. Your instructor will analyze your swing and give you precise direction while utilizing slow motion and stop action video with the Online skills coach system. All the analysis, encouragement, direction, and correction will be captured on video for future review.

Putting analysis is performed by each instructor and the Science and Motion Putting Software. The software precisely captures 28 pieces of information to assist in creating your putting game plan. Each student will receive a print out of the Science and Motion data to validate your technique. Originally designed by therapists to detect a putting yip this software will help any golfer become a better putter. Hank says, “Any serious teacher should utilize this software for putting analysis”.

At Hank Haney Golf, private instruction is offered year round in our indoor state of the art training environment. Schedule your private lesson and drive your game to a higher level!

To Schedule a lesson or for more information call:
Vista Ridge – Lewisville, TX: 972-315-5300
Westridge Academy – McKinney, TX: 972-346-2180 ext. 214
Bridlewood Golf Course – Flower Mound, TX; 972-355-4800